Tuesday, June 19, 2012

shares in a social network


Own the network

Zurker is the only social network owned by its members. Not only do you own your content on Zurker, you own part of the actual social network itself! Members get vShares (a stake of ownership, or equity) in Zurker for referring their friends (without which a social network doesn't function anyway).
As more and more people use Zurker and the project grows, your stake in Zurker becomes more valuable.
Giving equity to members may sound like a radical idea, but it's only fair. Members should stand to benefit from what they bring to life - a social network is nothing without its members.
 Run it, too
Zurker is a member-driven project, and key decisions about features and products are decided by votes from all members (post-beta).
Business-driven decisions aimed at milking the userbase won't happen at Zurker. For example, Facebook introduced Open Graph, despite knowingly antagonizing many of their users, because Facebook stands to make more money that way.
Like any other business, Zurker's objective is to serve its shareholders - but if the shareholders are the same members who use the site on a daily basis, evil business decisions are less likely to stick. Zurker is democratic. Zurker is the 99%.

 Zurking is fun!
The secret of Zurker's success lies in zurking. It's amazing how quickly and ecstatically our members have embraced the concept of zurking. In no time at all, we've grown into a vibrant community, and almost all of our members log in once a day. The degree to which zurking has taken the network by storm is nothing short of amazing. Join in now, and be one of first to discover the joys of zurking and getting zurked.

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