Sunday, February 24, 2013

I found this to day when i was looking of a new website to get a back link off for one of my website its call, its a Link Directory, you can Submit your website Link in there Directory for free or pay for
a good spot. But i think this is  a new Link Directory just look at there page rank  PageRank Checker but the have a good Reputation with they have 1,217 backlink mark down by

Monday, February 18, 2013

pinoy-blogs is a good blog link directory for Pinoy blogger get your blog listed in here is easy you need to be a Pinoy. they will test to see if you are a Piony before you can add your blog in there directory so if your a Pinoy blogger that is looking for a good backlink to you blog, Pinoy-blogs is it

PageRank Checker
and this is there page rank 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Link Exchangers


  I found this new Link Exchangers site and taking it for a test drive to see if any good 
this website claim to do all of this

Link Exchangers is a service that utilizes an unobtrusive module that displays along the side of a user's webpage in order to present visitors with easy access to other sites within the network. The program that powers the module balances views and hits you send, with a similar number of views and hits to your own website. Currently the module receives over 40,000,000 views each month. Get started today and make sure your getting your share of those views by setting up your Link Exchangers account right now.

What determines the frequency of my site being displayed on this module? - The module displays a random assortment of sites. However, the balancing system in place insures that the amount of times the module is clicked on (referred to as "hits") from your website is met with a comparable amount of "hits" sent back to it. So, if your website sends out 50 "hits" per day, then the system works to send your site 50 "hits" by increasing the frequency of your site's banner image within the network until the 50 "hits" are generated.

I have added 3 of my website to the Link Exchangers this site , Booyaka Mix and Angeles City DJ's ShoutCast Radio


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

must have open source programs

         Must have open source programs

  This are free open source programs that are good to use they all work good
perfect for some thing that is free so if you dont have them yet get them

7zip - zipping and unzipping utility. -
Audacity - audio editor -
Blender - 3D CGI and Audio Video editing -
chrome - browser -
Eclipse - programming IDE -
FreeCAD - 3D CAD -
Gimp - image editing -
LibreOffice - MS Office Clone -
notepad++ - text editor -
VLC - media player -


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